Gallery Hopping

6-Week Course


Do you love art, but not sure where to find your favorites in Atlanta? Do you know there are hidden gems at festivals and great local galleries but don’t know where to start? Join interior designer, Melissa Galt, for an insider look at art in Atlanta, meet the gallery owners and artists so you understand how it’s created, the inspiration behind it, and why you might want it. You’ll learn the ins and outs of collecting whether you’ve got $20, $2k or $20k.

For over 2 decades, Melissa has helped clients display the art they already have and add to their personal collections whether for casual fun or greater investment. She’ll show you how to recognize the piece you can’t live without vs. the one you just want to visit. Have fun uncovering the creative side of Atlanta. Each week class will be held in a specific part of town where you’ll have exclusive access to three galleries where Melissa will lead a lively discussion around the artists present and give you insider insights you’ll get nowhere else. Then you’ll enjoy dinner with the class at a nearby restaurant (buy your own).

Tuition: $295

Gallery Hopping with Melissa Galt

Welcome and the inside scoop on what Gallery Hopping is all about, we’ll be going to Roswell, Buckhead, Midtown, Castleberry Hill , and more for exclusive gallery tours, meet the owners, meet the artists and experience art in a bold new way!



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As an interior designer and the author of “Celebrate Your Life,” Melissa Galt has been showing homeowners how to create comfortable, personal home interiors for over two decades. She is the great granddaughter of the iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright and likes to tease that since he once said that he could “shake the buildings out of (his) sleeves” that she shakes interiors out of hers. Design is when art and science meet and magic happens. Melissa helps you uncover the magic in your home.