The American Dream: Achieved, Deferred, or Destroyed?

Session 1: january 8 – february 2, 2017

 Monday 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Donald Trump was elected President with the promise to “make America great again,” which seemed to attract a lot of attention and support from working class and lower middle class voters. By examining some compelling narratives and social scientific evidence, we will attempt to come to grips, not so much with Donald Trump as candidate or president, but with the well-documented and growing gap between those who seem to be enjoying the fruits of our new economic order and those who have apparently been left behind.

Our focus will be not so much on mere income inequality as on the social, cultural, and resource gap between those who have college educations and those who have no more than a high school diploma. To what degree can we still confidently affirm the American Dream that those who are responsible and work hard can achieve a better life for themselves and their children?

Tuition: $250.00




Joe Knippenberg | 

Joe Knippenberg has his  teaching and research interests in history of political philosophy, religion and politics, contemporary liberal theory. Watch a video of Dr. Knippenberg’s lecture,“Liberal Education in the Political Arena”. The lecture was one of five “Great Books and Good Books” faculty lectures in the spring 2016 semester and used OU’s Core authors (Adam Smith, Aristotle, and Alexis de Tocqueville) to reflect on some of the rather shallow and pedestrian things that politicians say about higher education in general and liberal education in particular.